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Efficient and Responsive Outside Counsel

The lawyers at Bagula Resolution Center and Associates, LLP, have a great deal of experience acting as sole counsel for an array of corporations. Mark Bagula has continually represented corporate clients in multiple states by the way of Pro-Hac-Vice sponsorships.  Additionally, the firm regularly acts as outside counsel where the corporation’s in-house department does not have enough experience, has conflicts of interest, or where the financial considerations make it logical to hire outside counsel.  At our firm, we are responsive to all client inquiries, and it is our policy to respond within twenty-four hours to serve our clients’ immediate legal needs.  We are sensitive to the fact that we must understand the dynamics and characteristics of the corporation’s business to represent the interests of our corporate clients.  When we act as outside counsel, a factual understanding of the mechanics of how the business operates provides frequent benefit.  We begin by learning the business upon our retention, at no cost.  The firm’s litigation experience provides our attorneys with the ability to effectively analyze an issue facing the corporation, which then allows the corporation to conduct a cost-benefit analysis to determine the best way to proceed.   Furthermore, the advice we render enables the corporation to assess the financial aspects of any potential and protracted litigation in advance.   We remain in contact with in-house counsel to assist and develop a strategy that increases work efficiently and satisfies our clients’ needs.  Judges and clients frequently comment on the high quality work produced by our firm.  Although we are a small firm of five attorneys, Mark Bagula has over 30 years of involvement with managing corporate legal departments and overseeing all external matters including litigation.

Our firm routinely advises corporate clients on transactional matters, including purchase agreements, corporate governance, securities transactions, and financing.  Legal departments benefit from optimizing legal operations management, regardless of size. By re-engineering legal department functions, systems, and processes, our firm enables in-house counsel to focus purely on high-value activities. Effective re-alignment of roles and responsibilities ensure work is being performed appropriately, effectively, and efficiently.

Discover how our insight administration can give you the security to know that all your legal needs will be taken care of efficiently and responsibly.

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