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Business Law

Bagula Resolution Center and Associates, LLP

Southern California Business Attorney

Business owners often find themselves in need of legal advice when it comes to all major areas of their business operation. Enlisting the help of a business attorney at Bagula, Riviere, Coates and Associates, LLP can provide you with support in many areas: pre-litigation consultation, aggressive and efficient courtroom representation, services for contracts, resolution of ownership disputes, mergers and acquisitions, business dissolution, business and joint venture formation, unfair competition and corporate officer defense situations.  In the event you have a despute with one of your co-owners, Mark Bagula has decades of experience reaching a resolution in his client’s favor.

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We specialize in all aspects of business law including:

Business Litigation
Business Torts
Unfair Business Practices
Breach of Fiduciary Duty
Breach of Contract
Contract Drafting and Revision
Mergers and Acquisitions
Business Sale Transactions
Commercial and Corporate Litigation
Medical Business Law
Trade Secrets
Derivative Shareholder Suits and Partnership Dispute Resolution

Notable Cases

Resolved Partnership dispute wherein one partner attempted to abscond with partnership property. The case resulted in a sale of the partnership by my clients at a profit.

Notable Cases

Gained a Judgment against four Chinese corporations for $6.8 million in a case which began as a defense of three individuals and their corporation. Initially, my clients were sued personally for liability exceeding $2.7 million dollars each.

Notable Cases

Represented commercial tenant who faced improper competition due to prior guarantees by professional property manager and corporate landlord at strip mall to not face competition. Resolved matter gaining a monetary settlement, reduction in rent, and additional options to rent.

Notable Cases

Litigated against past Majority owner/Manager and new Majority Owner/Manager on behalf of one owner. Ultimately, my client gained a $4,000,000 windfall, expelled the Majority Owner and gained complete ownership of the business.

Notable Cases

Represented a group of over twenty limited partner doctors in a dispute with their General Partner over a real estate option to purchase improperly taken; and fraudulent accounting practices. Ultimately, the limited partners gained a benefit which exceeded $12,000,000.

Mark Bagula handled a real estate case and two business litigation matters for me, all to successful conclusion. He is a caring and attentive listener, and a fierce advocate for his clients. Although there were several difficult legal issues that were involved, he was able to navigate the legal system, eventually settling two of the matters and prevailing at trial on the third. I felt at ease when I used Mark as my attorney, knowing that I had great representation and he was very knowledgeable of the law. Until this day, I always recommend my friends, and anyone in general to his firm.

Rene Ibarra

As a San Diego native, Robert Coates’ intentions are clearly understood; to bring prosperity to his community directly through the people within it. Judge Coates became my lawyer because of his inspirational wisdom. He has done so very much for San Diego, and knows his way around! My associate and I have a start-up P.R. Firm, and Judge Coates is counseling us to success, starting with our LLC.

Tara Davis

I recommend attorney Mark Bagula for all of my business needs. He has advised me on a few transactions, and been my litigation attorney on a few matters. From our first meeting, I knew that I made the right choice. He listened to my claims and arguments with attention, respect and understanding; and asked me the right questions. He helped me to understand that I had a valid case; and his knowledge and experience assured me that I could win. And we did.

During the dispositions, I had the opportunity to see Mark in action. With assurance, courage, legal and factual knowledge, he asked all the right questions, and ultimately compelled the opposing counsel to advise their client to capitulate and pay my rightful claims. With great success, Mark Bagula won a case that was worth over a million dollars to my business. To me personally, the value was one of peace of mind and satisfaction that even a small business can win with the right attorney.

Cesar F. Castro